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Spell Charie//

I'm sure you won't read this. But if you did, I'm sure you would not care. But I will say it anyway. I am Charie and I have a world to discover. At the age of 16, I may be nothing but an ant. For now, I will remain an ant amidst colonies. But I assure you. I will make a difference. And when that difference sets things right, please do remember that I was once an ant who was capable of nothing but dreaming, hoping and having faith.

I am living a life which is a vessel of sadness. I would rather have an eternity of contentment, even if that eternity were fixed and frozen, like a butterfly mounted in a case.

Proud Tamaraw here :)

So last Thursday I went to FEU for enrollment. I must say that FEU is really an excellent school. This school is proud of its alumni who are successful government officials, influential accountants and businessmen, famous media personalities, innovative education administrators and faculty, expert physicians and nursing leaders, decorated national and professional athletes, cutting edge architects, artists and engineers.

Wasn’t expected na ganun pala kasaya and kapagod mag-enroll! I met new friends, but unfortunately iba sila ng course! Sobrang saya mag-enroll kasi feeling ko kaclose ko na silang lahat kahit halos nagtititigan lang kaming lahat sa sobrang gutom lalo na nung medical examnination hahaha! We like, uhh, haven’t eaten for 13 hours straight because of long and tiring lines for ID and Med Exam that if you choose to eat, babalik ka kinabukasan kasi aabutan ka ng cut off. So we sacrificed not to eat talaga! I’m not the only one, I have no regrets. 

Sobrang saya ko na pinili ko yung FEU as my college school because the staffs, and students were so friendly that I can’t even wait for the resume of classes!!! The staff doesn’t want us to stand for so long sa line kaya halos nakaupo ako buong enrollment haha! I’m so happy with my school, I swear. I’m so proud that I’m a Tamaraw. Madaming nagsasabi na lahat ng nagtetest nakakapasa, I don’t care. This school has academic excellence :) 

After I enroll, I my feeling’s so priceless that I can’t even believe that I’m already college! Some FEU students messaged me, and I feel so welcome. Before I forgot, my course is BA in Communication! Yay! One of my twitter friends Ate Patty said that I won’t regret choosing BA in Communication (MC1212) as my course because it’s so fun that you can’t even feel that you’re studying; full of adventures yet some professors are strict daw hehe :p

I have no regrets that I chose FEU. ;)

I’m obsessed with FEU already

Proud Tamaraw here baby :)

Hi future school! :)

PS. If you’re MC1212 too, don’t be shy to message me :) :)

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